Fuller's Earth Clay Powder Mask

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Our masks combine purifying pure clays with nourishing plant oils, vitamins, and extracts to leave your skin fresh and clean. 

This mask has Fuller's Earth Clay as it's main active ingredient.  Recommended for those with acne, Fuller's Earth clay absorbs excess oil from skin and evens skin discolouration using its well known skin lightening abilities. Also known to tighten pores and improve skin texture.

Why Do we Offer a Powder Mask ?

3 main benefits:

1. You can customize your mask and it’s very cost-effective. Sometimes you might want to use your clay-based mask with water for drawing out impurities or exfoliate, on another occasion you might want to choose honey or aloe for a more gentle, hydrating mask session.

2. Powder masks stay shelf safe for a very long periods of time as they have no water or other ingredients that tend to go off quickly. If you’re concerned of preservatives, we add none.

3. You can easily travel with a small amount of the powder, no cabin restrictions on an airplane. 

Thanks to their inactive ingredients powder face masks are like skin saviors in a jar. Unlike pre-mixed products, the crucial ingredients in these masks lay dormant, activating only when you add liquid.

DIRECTIONS- This powder mask comes packed with its own set of nutrient-rich properties that are designed to work with the liquid chosen by you to activate the mask.

Mix 2 parts powder to 1 part any liquid suitable for hydrating the mask. A thinner mask can be made by adding more liquid, and a thicker mask can be created with less liquid. This mask is designed for immediate use after hydration.

The liquid you use is only limited by your imagination (within safe guidelines). Try hydrating your mask with soy milk, goat milk, rice milk, any hydrosol or distillate water, most fruit or vegetable juices, vinegar, water with sea salt, or any other liquid that is beneficial to the skin. Your mask needs to be thick enough that it does not drip off your face

Thoroughly mix and apply to clean skin for 10-15 minutes.  Remove with cool water and moisturize as usual.  This varies depending on the ingredients you choose so basically you just want to look for the right consistency and add the liquid slowly.