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Fundraising has never been so easy quick set up, no upfront cost, great items and lots of profit for Organizations across Canada. 

no more hours sorting, and collecting orders for you, we take care of that

Hello Happy People!

 Da Bomb! Bath co, we put the FUN in fundraising. We offer an easy and profitable fundraising program for your school, group, team, club, or cause. For every item you sell, your organization keeps 30%. The more items you sell, the more money you raise!

 We are an ethical, nourishing and authentic Canadian business, offering options suitable for all your family. 




Da Bomb! Bath co is a family owned business based in Thorold Ont. All our products are handmade on premises from only the best ingredients. Our products are designed to delight your senses and pamper your skin. We specialize in gentle formulas to suit sensitive, dry, mature and allergy prone skin.  

Why Choose Da Bomb! Bath co for Fundraisers:

  1. Unique Products: We offer exceptional products that people genuinely want to buy.

  2. Generous Profits: Earn an impressive 30% profit on every sale made online through your personalized organization page. Additionally, enjoy a 10% profit on all in-store sales.

  3. Product Variety: We provide you with the flexibility to offer an array of different products to cater to your supporters' diverse preferences.

  4. No Minimum Order: Start your fundraiser without the burden of meeting a minimum order requirement.

  5. Quality & Handmade: Our products are 100% handmade, crafted with quality ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Different Ways to Fundraise:

  1. Traditional Brochure: Distribute our brochures and order forms to sell our products in person. Your organization will earn an impressive 20% profit on every sale.

  2. Online Website: Utilize your unique link to share your fundraiser with friends and family via text messages, social media, and email. You'll receive an enticing 30% profit on all online sales. Most popular!

  3. In-Store: Elevate the excitement of your fundraiser by allowing customers to immerse themselves in the world of Da Bomb! Bath co at our physical location in Downtown Thorold Ontario . Share your unique coupon code with friends and family for in-store purchases.

The following simple steps will guide you through this fundraising activity

  • reach out to our team @ with your ideal start date. the process:
 Set Up   1 weeks. 
Advertising & Promotion 1 week 
Ordering  2 weeks
Fulfilment  2 weeks
Delivery  1 week (unless in Niagara region sooner)

  •  we will need your school/team/organization logo to set up our custom page.
  • you will need to select your products to be added to your custom page, we suggest in multiples of 3 for ideal blocking 
  • we can provide a postcard pdf that can be shared on social media for families 
  • when your campaign is over.  You will receive an total sales report along with ETA on fulfilment
  • We offer FREE delivery to your organization on campaigns over $1200 
  • payout will be submitted to organization when items are ready to leave our premise.
  • each order will be packaged individually and organized based on class/grouping selections to make distribution easier on your hand.