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Choose a range of bath products from our large selection of fragrances that compliments your philosophy and the tastes of your clients. 

Our ingredients choices will satisfy the most discerning tastes. We colour only with lakes and dyes colours specifically formulated for bath products. Body safe, phthalate free fragrances and essential oils to scent and organic oils and butters to enrich. All blended together in a skin loving concoction that turns into a sumptuous treat.

Our Bath Bombs come shrink wrapped in bio-gradable film which are "smell though" polyolefin allowing noses to get close, while keeping the product clean and hygienic. A label is applied around the bomb then shrink wrapped over the top, keeping your display looking colourful , mess free and clutter free. They are made in small batches , which sometimes has each run is slightly different and unique on it's own.

If you would like to apply for an account please send your business information, including Name of Business, website, address. An email will be sent out to you confirming your account and a link to open an account for wholesale pricing. (We do only sell to reputable businesses with a brick and mortar store or online website. 

Include Below: Name of Business, Website, Address