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Welcome to Da Bomb! 

At Da Bomb! Bath co, we focus on you. Every bath bomb, scrub and cream is made and designed for your personal preference. Whether you're fun and flirty or calm and collected, we have the perfect bath product for you! Here at Da Bomb! Bath co, we want to help you enjoy every moment of solitude because your time is precious! From personal experience, we understand that our best ideas come to us in the shower. In turn, Da Bomb strives to enhance every shower, bath and moment your take for yourself! So indulge yourself in our products without guilt. Our natural line was and will always be about you!

Da Bomb! Bath co was created by Marsha Coppola a certified and licensed aesthetician. She after earning numerous degrees she travel to Arizona to earn her Oncology Aesthetic Degree to help others.  Her knowledge of anatomy from being a RMT helped her quickly understand how whole body health is important and is key. 

She began to research ways to create all-natural, ethically sourced and skin-friendly products. Being somewhat of a nut for bath and body products, she thought to herself, "I can do this" and she did! First starting out of the back of her shop and kitchen making gifts for Christmas and other occasions with her husband and kids in tow, things quickly gained momentum.  She realized that she couldn't handle the influx of orders on her own and hired a small staff to assist in the creation of her ever-expanding line of products. They live, breathe and bathe in her creations and are constantly generating new ideas for flavour and scent combinations to bring to their loyal customers and fans!



See you soon

Marsha Coppola 

Da BombBath Co 


What does the future hold? Only time will tell, but with a great team and products that are fun to develop, the possibilities are limitless! Stay tuned..