C.C Salve
C.C Salve

C.C Salve

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This salve was specifically formulated for eczema; however, it can be used by anyone for dry skin (heels, knees, elbows, knuckles, etc.).  We are not making any medical claims nor guarantee any product 

My son ( C - for Chase ) has severe eczema since he was a baby. As he has  gotten older we have found that more and more things irritate his skin. He’s an active teen but has even found that his hockey gloves inside cause flareups and has resorted to wearing cotton gloves between the skin and the hockey gloves to prevent the pain and irritation that eczema causes. 

This salve contains no irritating sulfates or parabens, and contains natural, pure ingredients. Unlike other over-the-counter lotions and products, this salve will not sting when it is applied. 

About the good stuff inside:

++Shea Butter 

++ vitamin E

++ cedar wood Essential oil

++ geranium essential oil

++ frankincense essential oil

Directions: Apply to skin after the bath/shower and reapply regularly throughout the day. 

This salve will NOT make skin issues worse unless there is an allergy to one of the ingredients. If you feel there is an issue, discontinue use and contact me.

Precautions: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If used on a child, the recommended age is 6 months or older due to the essential oils in the salve.

Estimated shelf life is up to 3 months. The salve won't "go bad" after this, but it may change texture. If this happens, simply rub it in between your hands before use to make application easier. There are no preservatives in the salve.

*The "before and after" pictures are of Chase 4 day’s apart