Balance Skin Toner
Balance Skin Toner

Balance Skin Toner

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Why to Use a Toner/Clarifier?

Clarifier/Toner is created to balance the ph level of skin after cleansing. It is perfect for anyone who is new and old to toners. Always cleanse before toning and always apply moisturizer after. We recommend moisturizer or face oil for the follow up moisturizing step.


It helps brings your skin’s pH levels back to normal. Helps remove excess oils from your skin and reduces acne. Anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Rich in antioxidants which helps to neutralize harmful free radicals.


Shake gently before each use. After cleansing, simply mist on the skin lightly over face and gently wipe away with a cotton ball. Our clarifiers can also be used throughout the day to revitalize skin by spritzing lightly and allowing to air dry. Can be sprayed on sheets and fabric to refreshen and rebalance.


Rosa Damascena Flower Water (Rose Floral Water), Aloe Vera, Hibiscus & Vitiam E