Green Aventurine Crystal Bath Bomb
Green Aventurine Crystal Bath Bomb

Green Aventurine Crystal Bath Bomb

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Scented In: Top notes are Papaya, Pear and Pomegranate; middle notes are White Peach, Hibiscus, Freesia and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes are White Musk and Amber.

To Use: Run a warm bath, have a calm mind. Unwrap Bath Bomb and place in running water. Enjoy the slow fizz, let the aromatherepy calm your spirit. Reach down and find your healing stone and Mantra. Hold stone in hand repeat the mantra over and over again to release full power of the stone. Save and reuse Stone and mantra when life seems difficult.

This variety of aventurine is said to aid the nervous system, thymus, and connective tissue. In addition to that, it is thought to stimulate metabolism and balance blood pressure.

Green Aventurine also aids with:

  • healing stone that has many benefits for the heart, liver, lungs, and sinuses
  • believed to help improve vision 
  • increase creativity, intelligence, and perception
  • to bring success in one's business
  • promote harmonious relationship
  • helps in attracting love later in life
  • used to loosen and let go of energy blockages and negativity such as diseases.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Kaolin Clay, Grape Seed Oil, SLSA (bubbling agent), Alcohol, Cosmetic Fragrance, Polysorbate 80 (to disperse the colour) FD&C Blue 1 and Yellow 6


• 5 Ounce Bath Bomb with Crystal and Mantra  inside 

• Cruelty Free

• Made with Biodegradable & Renewable Ingredients

• Biodegradable Wrapping

• Handmade in Canada