Lotion Stick 50 gr - Peppermint
Lotion Stick 50 gr - Peppermint

Lotion Stick 50 gr - Peppermint

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This 100% natural solid lotion is a wonderful treat on dry patches of skin, cracked heals, dry elbows, and split knuckles. Lotion sticks are a convenient way to moisturize. Lotion sticks are solid lotion bars in a push up tube. It's so convenient and easy to use. You'll love our lotion sticks.

Apply by rubbing it gently onto your skin, the warmth of your body heat will melt enough of the lotion onto your skin to be massaged in, or gently scrape some off the tube with your hands/fingers and apply that way! Thicker than traditional lotion so give it just a few minutes to soak in and you’ll feel the difference! It really lasts and helps keep those good-for-you ingredients where they should be to nourish your skin! 

Convenient on the go lotion stick is perfect for your purse or gym bag.

Lotion bars are loaded with healthy ingredients for you skin. Our lotion sticks contains beeswax, a protective barrier for your skin that provides moisture, coconut oil which fights free radicals and helps soften dry skin, shea butter which helps penetrate and protect your skin, cocoa butter that is bountiful in vitamin E and improves skin tone and elasticity. We also add vitamin E from a non-gmo source that is a powerful antioxidant. 

Lotion bars are solid at room temperature but when rolled onto your skin it melts into your skin and provides a protection moisturizing layer. Our natural lotion bars protect your skin and moisturize.

*unscented recommended for use on baby and sensitive skin types.

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