We are now booking our Fundraising Events for the 2019 Season! 

We offer some of our most popular products, at a reduced retail price, to help various communities across Canada in their fundraising endeavours. We are beyond excited to be able to donate and help organizations like yours. Since our products are truly loved by many ages, there is potential to earn thousands for your organization. Da Bomb! Bath co products are small batch, handmade here in Ontario and naturally sourced, safe for all ages

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take from start to finish?

A: It will take approximately 6 weeks to complete the order.

1 week to create custom photos and forms.

2-3 weeks to sell and promote the fundraiser.

1-2 weeks to fulfil orders once we get the order forms back.

Once we received your information, we will send you a package which includes order forms and brochures for your event. Scan and send back too Or fill out and forward to that email. We need approx 1-2 weeks to produce a custom bath bomb and add to flyer for you, keep that in mind when selecting a start date.


Q: What is provided?

A: We Will Provide

  • Fundraising forms for all participants.
  • A sample pack to see, smell and take social media photos to increase knowledge on the product and promote the fundraiser.
  • Individual team packaging, sorting for classes and groups.
  • Follow up to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sellers in your organization


Q: What is the custom bath bomb and how do we select the custom colour and scent?

A: The custom bath bomb is a chance for your organization/school to show off your unique colours and to create a personalized fundraiser! All scent descriptions and colours are available on our website. Maximum two colours for custom bath bomb. Create your own custom label as well.

*NOTE*: some scents are limited due to the vanilla content (turns the product brown over time). Please contact us with any questions about product.


Q: How much do we get back from the fundraiser?

A: Profit is 30% of each item sold*

*before tax*


Q: How are the bath bombs packaged?

A: Each bath bomb is individually packaged and the bath bomb set will come in a clear bag.


Q: Who do we make cheques out to?

A: Please ensure that all cheques are made out to the organization running the fundraiser. We will include an invoice for the organizers once we have received all of the order forms.


Q: How much is shipping? Is pick up available?

A: Shipping is free when the amount paid to Da Bomb! Bath Co. exceeds $1200.00. Shipping charge of $125 will apply to orders under $1200. Pick up is available.

Q: Who/how do we send in the order forms?

A: Please drop off order forms or email them to


NOTE: Payment is required before the order is shipped. We accept Credit Cards, Paypal and eTransfer. $50 Cancellation Fee will be applied if your event is canceled.

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